Diaspora Opinion

Ugo Iromantu. UK Based Nigerian who completed an MBA at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France and just returned to Nigeria to pursue an opportunity in the power sector.

There are many viable and interesting opportunities to do good work and to be successful in Nigeria – that is the most honest answer I can give you. Nigeria has a significant amount of development on its horizon and in the long run. Many industries are still taking shape and yielding remarkable opportunities to bright entrepreneurs in the process. Because the environment is still unstructured, playing a fundamental role in any dimension of Nigeria’s development will build a rewarding career trajectory and establish far-reaching implications for the economy. With Nigeria’s economic positioning within Africa and even globally, the time is just right for people with good ideas to turn them into successful businesses.

Debo Adebayo (Swedish Born Nigerian wife, mother, trained Chemical Engineer (with 10yrs Oil and Gas work experience) and also an aspiring entrepreneur.

It was a combination of things. On a personal level, my husband and I wanted to raise our children in Nigeria.  We feel that it is important for them to understand their cultural heritage and to be raised close to our extended family.  On a professional level, I felt that there were numerous opportunities in Nigeria. I always wanted to go down the entrepreneurial route and I felt that Nigeria was the ideal place to do so. On a patriotic level, my husband and I felt that we had gained all this experience and amassed all these skills and we wanted to use these skills in our own country.

Lanre Akinlagun UK Born Nigerian now a digital marketer

I realized there was more success in Nigeria than meets the eye, on the surface you don’t see it but when you spend some time and meet people you actually start to see it.

US Trained Chemical Engineer

Growing up I didn’t travel much, everything I knew about the U.S for instance was from the experience of others. Nigeria was the country I knew for the most part, my friends were here and my family was here. I was excited to leave when I did, but I also came back every Christmas. Nigeria is home!

Enarime Mueller. UK Based Nigerian

I always knew I was going to return to Nigeria immediately after my program so I decided to forego the discretionary two year post study work visa option at the end of my studies. I also did not have the money to give to HM Revenue & Customs and did not see the point hustling to sort it out. I felt my chances would be better in Nigeria as I had seen people who had been in the UK and still had not landed the kind of jobs we all wanted. The people that had good jobs were a dime a dozen. Also, I had people to support and I felt I would get a job faster in Nigeria and didn’t see the point wasting time in the UK.

Michael Adeyemi, UK Based Business IT Consultant

Yes, I returned home immediately but even before concluding the program, I had been applying for jobs and gotten a few offers, from UK and Nigerian companies. Although I was in the UK, I really and truly did not want to stay on there as I was a Lagos boy at heart.